Set challenges for things to find in the house. 


The challenger gives the challengee something to go and find and bring back to show them, e.g.

  • “Find something stretchy”
  • “Find something smaller than your thumb”
  • “Find something a pirate could use”
  • “Find something you wear on your head”
  • “Find something that looks like a rocket”

If you’re using a phone or device that is easy and safe to carry you can take it with you to share your hunt!


Limited mobility/space – “Describe something that does….”

More competitive – Use a timer. Who can find things the fastest? How many challenges can you do in a set amount of time?

Make it harder – Give obscure challenges, e.g. “Find something that comes in a set” or “Find something with a name that starts and ends with the same letter” 

Make it easier – Give simpler challenges, e.g. “Find something blue” or “Find something that starts with a ‘b’ sound”



  • Space and ability to move around (though see adaptations for alternatives)


  • A pre-pared list of challenges
  • Timer

Suggested ground rules

Establish where you can and can’t go and look for things.

Make sure you carry things carefully so they don’t get broken and you don’t hurt yourself.

Don’t bring anything fragile.