Get to know each other via a series of questions. Will you go for friendly talk show host or intense politial grilling?!


The interviewer asks the interviewee questions, e.g.

  • “Who in your house has the smelliest feet?”
  • “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
  • “Who runs the country?”
  • “If you were in charge of a school/the country what rules would you have?”
  • “What have you done recently that was kind?”
  • “What does <Mummy/Daddy/someone> do every day?”

Bonus points – record the chat and share it with the interviee’s family (with their permission) to make them laugh.

Some kids will enjoy having a turn as the interviewer so be prepared to hand over the imaginary microphone! 


Plan some questions in advance for your interviewee. You could crowdsource them from other friends and family.

Watch some interviews online and borrow their questions or style.

Run a series of interviews to build a family history – bonus points if you record them and edit the interviews together!

Turn it into a job interview for a realistic or fantastical job, e.g. Unicorn Keeper – “What would you do if the unicorns escaped?”, Teacher – “What would you do if the class kept talking all the time?”




  • None


  • A pre-prepared list of questions

Suggested ground rules

Set any areas as off-limits if there are topics you don’t want to discuss.

Agree that you can skip any questions you want to.

Decide if answers can be shared with other people or if they’re private.